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Elevate your financial decision-making with our cutting-edge tools and expertise

Our products

Automation of financial valuation

Mywacc is a platform that automates valuation through probabilistic mathematical models, market information, and financial information of the company.

Valuation through real options

Real option valuation is a method that helps startups to estimate their value by considering the potential for future growth and flexibility. It helps in making informed decision about investment and growth strategies by considering the potential future value, costs and risks associated with different growth opportunities.

Valuation through qualitative methods

Qualitative methods of valuation involve evaluating a startup based on factors that are not easily quantifiable, such as market trends, competitive landscape, and management team. These methods rely on expert judgment and analysis to assess the value of a startup, rather than relying solely on financial metrics.

Discount cash flow  valuation

This approach involves projecting the future cash flow of a startup and discounting it back to the present to arrive at the current value. This method considered assumptions and estimates of future cash flows, growth rates and discount rates to arrive at the value.

You choose the methodology

With the subscription to Mywacc, you can choose the methodology of the valuation according to your needs

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